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Spiritual ReSOULutions by Re-Creative Resources Inc. is committed to providing resources to assist individuals on their spiritual journey. We have a variety of articles, videos, resources, tips and tricks, and services. Be sure to check back often, for new resources will be added.

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Crystal Shopping

A variety of crystals and minerals are available for adoption. Be sure to check out the crystal store as well as the crystal showcase videos.

Crystal Coaching

Not sure what to do with your crystals? Not sure what crystal to get? Have lots of questions? Learn about our coaching sessions.

Crystal Healing

Learn about our crystal healing services and opportunities. We have a variety of free, as well as paid, ethereal crystal healing services.

Crystal Properties

Check out many crystals and some of the metaphysical and healing properties that they are said to have. This list is a work in progress.

Crystal Caution List

It's important to research when it comes to working with crystals and minerals. This is a great list compiled by Ashley Leavy of the Love and Light school

Articles and Information

This section has a variety of articles about crystals, various way to work with them, identification, psychic stuff, cleansing, tips, etc. Check back often.

Free e-Books

Who doesn't love free stuff? Join our mailing list to receive our fantastic free e-Books. You also receive and our newsletter for more tips and updates.

Spirituality and Inspiration

This pages has spiritual tips and resources to help get you inspired. Videos, stories, poems, memes, activities, and more.

Social Media

I'm on Youtube, Facebook and Linked in. Join our growing Facebook group to network with other crystal enthusiasts.


I love making videos, especially about crystals! This page helps you to find what you are looking for. Check out our numerous video playlists.

News and Announcements

This page is a great place to see what's new in the crystal store, find out when the next showcase is, and so on. You can also download the latest newsletter.

Intuitive and Oracle Readings

Learn about our intuitive (psychic) reading, and oracle reading services. You may also tune into the latest free oracle readings on Youtube.


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