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Check out this amazing crystal shapes series on Youtube.
Learn about hearts, angels, pyramids, eggs, the platonic solids and more!

Most of the cut and polished crystal shapes such as hearts, spheres, pyramids, skulls, palm stones, eggs, wands, etc., are featured in crystal showcase videos. I have a few below but most don't stay around long enough to make it here.

2. Soapstone Eagle
Vision, intuition, freedom
Approx. 3 inches

Price: $10 + shipping

4. Soapstone Horse
Freedom, new directions, jump hurdles, intuition
Approx. 2 inches

Price: $7 each + shipping



Jasper Arrowhead Necklace
Pull-string black cord for adjustable length
Price: $8 each + shipping



4. Ocean Jasper pocket hearts
exact set of 4, approx. 1-1.25 inches wide $12 + shipping
5. Ocean Jasper hearts
exact set of 2, approx. 1.5 inches wide $16 + shipping


6. Ocean Jasper pocket hearts
exact set of 4, approx. 1-1.25 inches wide $12
3. Pink Salt large heart
exact one 2.85 inches wide 9 ounces $10 + shipping




5. Peach Satin Spar large heart
exact one, 3 inches wide 5.5 ounces $9 + shipping



Satin Spar - Massage Wand
Approx. 6 inches long
Price: $6.50 each + shipping


Satin Spar - Pencil Wand
Approx 6 inches long, 1 inch - THIN
Price: $5 each + shipping


Satin Spar Spiral Wand
Approx. 5 oz 7.75 x.75 inches
Price: $8 each + shipping






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