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November 24, 2020
All of my videos are now uploaded onto ONE Youtube channel. If you are looking for recreation/activity-related videos, please click here for a specific playlist I have created. I've also included some videos I feel might be helpful. Or you may view some of the videos on this page below. Enjoy!

A-Z Tips to Avoid Burnout

This movie is based on the article, "Frustrated, Burnt, Angry and Resentful: A-Z Tips for Recreation and Activity Professionals Who Need a Boost, written by Kimberly Grandal ACC/EDU, ACM, Executive Director Re-Creative Resources Inc. Many Activity and Recreation professionals burn out early in their careers. The leisure profession is one that is growing but often times misunderstood, therefore leaving many feeling frustrated, unappreciated, and defeated. Most of you know what I'm talking about! This video will help you, the Recreation and Activity Professionals, to feel inspired and teach you to have more control over your career. View video below.


New Jersey Activity Professionals: In it for LIFE!

This video is in honor of the New Jersey Activity Professionals who work hard to enrich the lives of older adults in a variety of health-care settings.


Activity FUN-damentals: How Therapeutic Activities Benefit the Elderly

This video demonstrates how therapeutic activities can benefit the elderly that are serviced by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement communities and adult day care. Activities, although fun, have therapeutic benefits that are endless. This 4 1/2 minute video focuses on the various physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. This is a great video to use for facility in-services, new employee orientation and leisure education. View this video below!



Activity Professionals in ACTion

This video is in honor of the dedicated Activity Professionals and Activity Directors who enhance the lives of the elderly in nursing homes, adult day care, retirement communities, assisted living and convalescent centers by, providing person-centered therapeutic activities. The video is 4 1/2 minutes long and can be used to motivate Activity staff, promote activities, and provide general information regarding Activity Professionals. View this video below!



Hands - Cover Song Sung by Kim Grandal

This video is dedicated to the Activity Professionals who enhance the lives of seniors. This is an old video I made years ago but it came to mind now because of all that's going on in the world. The lyrics to this song can apply to us all. "In the end, only kindness matters". Credits: Sung by Kim Grandal. Music in the video is by  Pictures provided by many nursing homes across the US (listed in the video). Hands is written by Jewel Kilcher and Patrick Leonard and was originally sung by Jewel.


Resident Rights

The following movie demonstrates many of the residents' rights that are commonly found in long-term care, assisted living facilities and adult day centers. Visit to learn about our Know Your Rights Bingo Game. This game is a fun way of promoting and educating health care professionals and residents about their rights. View this video below.


Musical Moment - A True Inspirational Story

In this video, I share with you one of my all-time favorite stories. This really happened in one of the nursing homes I worked out. Beautiful moment. Activity Directors, Activity Professionals, Recreation Therapists, Music Therapists.


Are you the carrot, egg or coffee?

We all have hard and downs. Here is an inspirational story. Which one are you? Carrot, egg, or coffee?


Embarrassing Moments

True story...we all make fools out of ourselves sometimes!



Spiritual Sensory Stimulation

Here's a sample sensory kit I put together with a spiritual and religious theme.



Kimspirational Quotes

I've made quite a few inspirational pictures for Facebook and my website so I thought it would be fun to put some together in a video. Kimspiration in inder 5 minutes!



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