National Activity Professionals’ Week
January 20-26th!

As you may know January 20-26th is National Activity Professionals’ Week. Don’t worry if you haven’t planned anything yet. I have some goodies that will make celebrating this week, easy peasy. Please don’t let the week go by un-noticed. This is a great time to strut your stuff. Do your thang. Float your boat. Shine your light. You know what I mean jelly bean?

Check out these goodies. They are sure to help you honor and promote this glorious profession! All you need is a computer, a printer, ink, and lots of paper.

NAPW Ideas, Resources, etc. Most are FREE!

Be sure to stop by the Re-Creative Resources Inc. NAPW page for a comprehensive list of ideas, resources, and products. I have many resources…most free so check it out!



(My most popular product!)




I have this fantastic product called the “Activity Professionals’ Week Tool-Kit.” It includes 25+ items such as activities, icebreakers, training materials, promotional materials and more, all specifically created for NAPW. Hundreds of professionals have downloaded this tool-kit and love it! Check out this wonderful display! Easy peasy to make! But the tool-kit comes with much more than that! Learn more about the Activity Professionals Week Tool Kit.
Note: This is a downloadable product and is emailed to you.

Before you buy the awesome NAPW Tool-Kit, be sure to check out the Activity Resource Center below. Why, you ask? Well, first off, the Activity Resource Center (ARC) INCLUDES the NAPW Tool-Kit, plus there are over 300 downloadable items in there. Only a one time fee of $77. Yes, you heard me!


Remember: If you are a current member of the Activity Resource Center, the NAPW tool-kit is already included so you do not need to purchase this. Just log into your account to download the tool-kit. Be sure to download the most current tool-kit for it's updated each year. Learn about the Activity Resource Center.





In this free reference guide, I share some goal setting tips and worksheets that will help guide you in writing more effective resolutions. This is a great activity for the residents as well as the caregiver, worker, activity professional, etc. Resolutions, also called affirmations can be stated at any time, not just during a New Year celebration.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this freebie at












Thank you for taking the time to view this newsletter. I honor and appreciate that your time and energy is important. Happy New Year and Happy National Activity Professionals' Week!
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