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* This deluxe digital bundle of documentation forms and training materials is sent via e-mail )PDF and Microsoft Word documents) for you to download.

*Please check with your Care Planning Director for any updates in required documentation.


*Please closely review the ontents of this bundle before ordering.


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The bundle includes the following goodies


Section F Interview Tools

Sent as a customizable Microsoft Word document

The tools in this manual will help the individual who is completing the Section F, Preferences for Customary Routine and Activities Interview by providing a variety of ways for Residents to answer the questions,  a system to communicate the Resident Preferences to appropriate staff members and staff training exercises. This manual includes: 3 Training Exercises, IDT Communication Tools, Interview Worksheet, Interview Techniques and 8 Section F Cue Cards which include various styles (pictures, numbers, scales, graphs, words, etc.).

Recreation and Activity Documentation Forms Package

Sent as customizable Microsoft Word documents

Documentation Audit Form - This 2-page document is designed to guide you through a complete activity documention audit.

Activity/Recreation Assessment Form - This 2-page document is designed to assess residents' activity needs and interests.

Activity/Recreation Progress Note Form and Guidelines - 2 page guidelines, and 1 page easy- to-use Progress Note.

Activity/Recreation Participation Form - 2 page form to assist wih taking recreation attendance. Has codes.

Care Plan Communication for one to one activities - This one page checklist includes a variety of 1x1 interventions such as: music, exercise, reminiscence, validation, sensory, snacks, etc. with room for twenty residents.

Care Plan Communicationfor group activities - This one page checklist includes a variety of group programs such as Resident Council, music, parties/special events, exercise, horticulture, arts and crafts, etc. with room for 16 residents

One to One Log - Simple 2 page document to assist with monitoring an individual's one to one activities.

Recreation Therapy Treatment Log - This one-page form tracks the Recreational Therapy Services provided and includes: the purpose, the scope of service, treatment time, TR Services by category, and a space for weekly progress notes.

Sensory Response Record - This 2 page form helps you to track a resident's response to each sensory stimulation technique provided.


Medical Abbreviations Bingo

Sent as a PDF manual

Make learning fun! Medical Abbreviations Bingo helps reinforce proper use of medical abbreviations and symbols in Long-term Care Documentation. You receive twenty 8 1/2 by 11 bingo cards and a list of the 75 abbreviations used in the game. Designed for Recreation/Activity Professionals.


Perfect for inservices!

Place in sheet protectors or laminate for long-term use.


Recreation Documentation In-QUIZ-ition Game

Sent as a PDF manual

Based off of the infamous Jeopardy Game and updated to include the MDS 3.0, the Recreation Documentation IN-QUIZ-ITION Game was designed to educate Recreation and Activity Professionals about various components of documentation, primarily in the long-term care setting. This game is a great method of educating the staff as well as evaluating their knowledge. You receive two rounds of IN-QUIZ-ITION questions and answers. Simply print out the game board on 8 1/2 by 11 paper. You can either use as is or enlarge. Categories include: Assessment Antics, Q and CAA, Dare to Care Plan, MDS 3.0 Mania, and Potpourri. The game may be used as part of an in-service or for fun.


Medical Abbreviations Word Puzzle

Sent as a PDF document

Make learning fun! The Medical Abbreviations crossword puzzle helps reinforce proper use of medical abbreviations and symbols in Long-term Care Documentation. You receive a blank crosswrod puzzle and a completed one. Designed for Recreation/Activity Professionals.

Tips for use:

1) Have employees complete the puzzle to enter a raffle drawing.
2) Use during inservice training. Employees can complete the puzzle alone or as a team.
3) Include in facility newsletter



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