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*This page is dedicated to the newbies that arrive but haven't quite
made it into the most current crystal showcase or any other area of the website.


*I also direct you to any recent additions or store pages I've updated.


*Shipping is within US and Canada. An invoice for shipping cost will be sent to your email for separate payment. Learn more here.

*Updated 1/7/2021




  • 12/11/2020 - New gift and bundle sets were added to the bundle page.

  • New crystals are arriving as I am hoping to have a January crystal showcase for you. So far I've received some palmstones (Black Tourmaline, Sunstone, Clear Quartz, Peach Satin Spar). I also have rough Red Quartz, Emerald, Aragonite, Desert Rose, Satin Spar sticks, and Fluorite.


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