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This page is dedicated to the newbies that arrive but haven't quite made it into the most current crystal showcase or any other area of the website. Please inquire if you see a newbie sparkly friend that you may be interested in adopting.

Contact Kim to learn more.



I also have lovely Tourmalines (Green, Black and Pink).
Some have been adopted but not all.
You can check them out in my FB group, Kim's Crystal Adoptions or view this video.

Just in! April, 2020


Botryoidal Hematite
Angelite large polished nodules
Large Aragonite Star clusters
Mini spheres and angels
Pendulums and stretch bracelets
India minerals such as Apophyllite, Stilbite, Scolesite
Opal in Rhyolite
Pink Opal
Blue Kyanite, large
Emerald in matrix, gorgeous
Chevron Amethyst


and more!

These beauties will make it into the next official crystal showcase...TBD




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