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This showcase is closed but feel free to enjoy the video

Welcome to the Good Lovin' Heart Crystal Showcase 2020. The heart shape represents the amplification of love and compassion energy. Gemstone hearts are great for meditation, placing on the body, crystal grids, to wear, carry with you, place out in your space, give as gifts and so on. Watch the video and when you see that perfect sparkly friend, come back to this page, add to cart, check out, and pay shipping invoice. I also have a great video on harnessing the energy of hearts on my Youtube channel that you can check out.


*The showcase is a first come, first serve showdown.

*If there is no PayPal button, the crystal friend is not available. However, just because the button is there, doesn't mean the crystal friend is available. You will know of the availability once you check out and even then, sometimes Pay Pal is glitchy.

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*Prices do not include shipping cost. I will email you a shipping invoice when you are finished shopping. If the shipping invoice is not paid within 72 hours, your order will be cancelled.

*Shipping within the United States and Canada only.   *Check out the store for more crystal goodness!





Gemstone Hearts  - The heart shape represents the amplification of love and compassion energy, along with the individual vibes of the various gemstones.


My Helper




Don't forget to check out what we have in the store too. More sparkly goodness!


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