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The are differences between being an empath and a clairsentient and the differences depend on who you ask. A similarity is that empaths and clairsentients are able to feel otherís energy, thoughts, and emotions. The major difference, from what I understand, is that an empath may absorb and even transmute otherís energies and they may not even be aware of this skill or able to control it. Clairsentients, on the other hand tend to be aware of where the energies are coming from, and are often more skilled at controlling the experience. As a clairsentient myself, I physically feel otherís energies in my body but I am well aware that what I feel is not my own, if that makes sense. Empaths tend to feel the experience as their own. You can research this topic more if you are interested in diving deeper into the similarities and differences. Please know there are many interpretations so take what resonates. However, this video is for both clairsentients and empaths so the labels are not relevant. Watch the video to learn about my top 10 favorite crystals for empath and clairsentients

Feeling Good Empath Power Pouch

The energies of this power pouch are combined to assist empaths and those with clairsentient abilities, in clearing away unwanted energies as well as to heighten ones ďfeeling and sensingĒ abilities. This power pouch includes one of each: Satin Spar Selenite stick, Labradorite, Black Tourmaline rough, Blue Kyanite blade, Mangano Calcite, Amethyst, a velour bag, affirmation card, and printed directions.

Price: $17 + shipping


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