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crystal chip bottles
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Gemstone chips are great for adding to lotions and face creams, to your bath tub, gem sprays, and so much more.


These chips come in approximately 1 ounce bags. One ounce is about a tablespoon.
Please look closely at the the sizes, for they vary.

Citrine Xtra Large Chip
Price: $1.80
Rainbow Fluorite-Med Chip
Price: $1.20
Red Jasper-Xtra Small
Price: $1.50
Snowflake Obsidian Small Chip
Price: $1.20
Sodalite Small Chip
Price: $1.20
Unakite Small Chip
Price: $1.20


Each bottle is approximately an inch and a half tall and are $1.25 each.
They look so cute in the little bottles and make for a lovely display.

Rose Quartz Chip Bottle
Rose Quartz

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