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A Spiritual "Walkie-Talkie" Stone


Angelite is a tradename for a type of blue Anhydrite found in Peru. It is a calcium sulfate of the orthorhombic crystal system Being a soft mineral with a hardness of just 3.5, be careful in handling this beauty for it can easily be scratched or broken. Do not soak in water. Angelite is a lovely pale blue/sky blue stone and is one of the most gentle of energies in the mineral kingdom. It is said that some of the metaphysical properties of Angelite may include:


  • Heightened communication (physical as well as spiritual)
  • Associated with the crown, third eye and throat chakras
  • Connection to higher realms
  • Angel and spirit guide communication
  • Spiritual growth
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Peace, serenity and calming
  • Acts like a "walkie-talkie" to enhance spiritual communication, telepathy and synchronicities




Angelite is often carved into hearts, spheres, and egg shapes despite it's softness.
Notice the white mark on the egg? These specimens are delicate and easily scratched.


Angelite may also be sold as nodules with a natural or a polished face.



Angel Communication Crystal Grids

Celestite, Angelite, Satin Spar, Chevron Amethyst, and Clear Quartz


This one has Angelite, Amphibole Quartz, and Clear Quartz




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