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Amphibole Quartz is type of Quartz that may contain Limonite, Kaolinite , Hematite, Lithium, or other minerals. The colors vary depending on which minerals are present but may include reddish (Hematite), white (Kaolinite), pink/purplish (Lithium), and yellow (Limonite). It is a member of the Trigonal Crystal system and is the number 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale. It is often referred to as Angel Phantom Quartz because of the appearance of whispy wings that is sometimes present. It said that some of the metaphysical and properties of Amethyst may include:



  • Connection and promotion of universal love
  • Heightened peace, solace and serenity
  • Soul connections, great for meditation
  • Lucid dreaming and astral projection
  • Heightened connection with Angelic realm and Angelic energies
  • Past life recollection and healing
  • Associated with Third Eye, Crown, and Heart chakras



This Angel Communication Grid has Angelite, Amphibole Quartz, and Clear Quartz



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