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Tourmaline is a silicate mineral and a member of the hexagonal crystal system. Tourmaline can come in a variety colors such as brown, black, green, pink, orange, blue, etc. It has a Mohs hardness of 7 - 7.5. Green Tourmaline, also called Verdelite, is often found on a matrix such as Quartz. It is said that some of the metaphysical properties of Green Tourmaline may include:


  • Vitality, abundance, and positivity
  • Earth and nature connection
  • Transmutes "negative" energy into "positive" energy
  • Protect one from negative thoughts, unwanted or “negative energies, psychic attacks, etc.
  • Helps keep those “bad vibes” away
  • Maintains emotional stability and support
  • Maintains neutrality and objectivity
  • Powerful love stone that is associated with the heart chakra
  • Protection, cleansing of space, aura, electromagnetic field
  • Energy flow and removal of blockages





More Green Tourmaline on Quartz





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Sample Crystal Body Using Tourmalines

The objective of this body layout is to assist in balancing and opening the Heart Chakra.

Crystals/Material Used: 2 Pink Tourmaline, 1 Green Tourmaline, 1 Rhodocrosite, 2 Clear Quartz points, green or pink candle, essential oil of choice.

Procedure: Select a quiet area where you will be comfortably lying down. You may choose to light green or pink candles, incense, play music, nature sounds, or any other methods that help you to relax. Place the two Pink Tourmaline above your shoulders and the Green Tourmaline in the center of your chest. Place the two Quartz points facing in toward the Green Tourmaline, and the Rhodocrosite in your left hand. Relax. Listen to your breathing, heartbeat, or music. Imagine a glowing ball of green swirling on your heart cChakra. Lie in this position for about 20 minutes or for as long as you feel is comfortable for you. As with all meditations or wellness sessions, sit up slowly and stand only when ready. Give gratitude for what you have received and enjoy a nice glass of water.

My heart is open to love.
Love radiates around and through me.



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