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Important Info.

*The showcase is a first come, first serve showdown so if you see a crystal friend that you feel called to adopt, you may not want to wait on it. Add to cart and check out right away.

*If there is no PayPal button, the crystal friend is not available. However, just because the button is there, doesn't mean the crystal friend is available. You will know of the availability once you check out.

*Prices do not include shipping cost. I will email you a shipping invoice when you are finished shopping. If the shipping invoice is not paid within 72 hours, your order will be cancelled.

*Shipping within the United States and Cananda only.

*Inches is abbreviated as - in
Ounces is - oz

*Check out the store for more crystal goodness!

CRYSTAL SHOWCASE - End of Summer 2018

This showcase is closed











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